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Located in the Washington Metropolitan Area, YIP Photography was founded by photographer, Mark Joyeux. A former freelance artist, Mr. Joyeux’s passion quickly shifted towards photography. What started out as a mere pastime soon evolved into a professional endeavor. In his eyes a picture was more than a quick snapshot, it was a piece of art. From composition, lighting to post editing....Mr. Joyeux would not consider a photo perfect until he believed it to be flawless finished work.
**His work has earned top photographic awards by the industry in addition to several pageants organizations, including National American Miss and International Jr. Miss. In addition, his work has appeared in numerous magazines including cover page model, brochures, websites, and talent search organizations. His headshots have
been instrumental in assisting clients secure major contracts with top agencies such as Wilhelmina Models, Click Models, & Abrams New York among others. Present as well as former clients have landed national print ads, commercials, movie and TV roles, for the likes of, Discovery ID Channel, TV One, HBO, ABC, BET, NetFlix, appearances on NBC Ellen Show, Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots, Saturday Night live, 
Oscar nominated “Loving”, Wonder Woman (motion picture) , Veep (sitcom), PBS Sesame Street, Macy's, Forman Mills, Children's Place, YMCA, Six Flags America, VISA, Chase, & Red Lobster, such to name a few.



YIP SERVICES was created in part to help provide funding to its parent organization Youth In Praise (a not-for-profit community outreach youth talent and mentoring organization) http://www.youthinpraise.org.



  • Model Portfolio

  • Children Portraits

  • Model/Actor Comp Cards

  • Family Portraits

  • Wedding Portraits

  • Photo Restoration

  • Digital Editing (including braces removal, airbrushing, and correction of minor imperfections such as small scars, etc.)

  • Business Cards Design

  • Website Design


YIP photographers operate the finest Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras with lightning fast lens capabilities to ensure the capturing of every precious expression. We utilize industry standard Photoshop software for most of our editing needs.
For weddings, we provide two photographers to our clients. We understand how important it is to capture every angle and expression on your special day.


Rates: While our finished product is among the best, our rates are priced below our competitors. We offer plans to fit every budget. We also offer low priced quality printing or we give you the option to seek your own. An additional plus, unlike most photographers, we do not practice ownership of your photos. You are free to purchase all of your resolution (300 DPI) shots on a picture CD and use them as you please. In exchange we just request written permission to use your photos for promotional purposes only.


Call or email us today for your quote: 301-523-6835 – yip@yipsevices.com

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